3R Bagstr

3R Bagstr Single Unit (White) with FREE USA SHIPPING!

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One 3R-Bagstr Unit to help you Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle your plastic grocery bags with an easy-to-use bag holder. Shipping Included!


The two opposing spools are smartly designed to capture, stretch, and hold taut up to 4 typical plastic grocery bags at a time.

2 screws included

Two cabinet door brackets are included which are easy to install for over-the-door mounting (inside or outside)

The 3R Bagstr will work inside a cabinet door with an opening as small as 15” in width

Recycled material is used in making each plastic component.

*For California residents, may contain material in prop 65. Orders to California are subject to a $3 handling fee listed as a shipping charge at checkout.*

Patent Pending