3R Bagstr

The 3R Bagstr Bundle (Light Gray) - 2 Units with FREE USA SHIPPING!

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Two original 3R Bagstr's were $60.....NOW ONLY $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

Use one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, laundry room, den, or wherever you like. Great for holding plastic grocery bags repurposed into garbage bags.

Remember to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle when able!


The two opposing spools are smartly designed to capture, stretch, and hold taut up to 4 typical plastic grocery bags at a time.

2 screws included

Two cabinet door brackets are included which are easy to install for over-the-door mounting (inside or outside)

The 3R Bagstr will work inside a cabinet door with an opening as small as 15” in width

Recycled material is used in making each plastic component.

*For California residents, may contain material in prop 65. Orders to California, Oregon, and Washington are subject to a $3 shipping charge at checkout due to higher shipping rates.*

Patent Pending